Sunday, May 01, 2005

Triangulation miscalculation

Early response to Bush's "sliding scale" proposal for Social Security reform suggests a serious miscalculation on Rove & Company's part. "Cutting benefits to the middle class" while preserving the current benefit structure for low-income workers doesn't seem to be the best way to gain support for his privatization (ie, gut Social Security) scheme. The implicit suggestion of unfairness in the approach to such a large and influential segment of the voting public gives opponents a lot of leverage to work with.

If anyone has a link to a cartoon of Bush grabbing the third rail and being electrocuted, please pass it on.

I'd have a lot more sympathy for Bush's courage in taking on Social Security reform if the true, long-term aim of his proposals wasn't to dismantle the guaranteed benefits of the program and replace it with private accounts, ie, to replace a successful government program created by Democrats that provides a significant social protection with a scheme to make us all into fledgling capitalist republicans sympathetic to domination by big business.


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